Is group training available for PDP courses?

Is group training available for PDP courses?

Ramp up your team's skills in a cost-effective way, by having our instructor conduct training (virtual or in-person) for your group. Contact us at and we'll follow up, answer any questions and help bring ISTA PDP Certification to your organization.
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      You choose how you want to learn and get certified. Whether you prefer the flexibility of learning on your own or the interactivity of a live course (virtual, or in-person), ISTA offers the best options to suit your learning style. Plus, you can ...
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      Recertification is an important indicator to you and your employer that you have kept up with current trends and validated your skills at the level of the original PDP certification. ISTA's PDP program has a three-year recertification requirement ...
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      Lifetime ISTA Packaging Dynamics Professional (LPDP) Certification is achieved after 12 continuous years of PDP certification. Click here for more information about Lifetime ISTA Packaging Dynamics Professional (LPDP) Certification