What are the options for ISTA Lab Recertification?

What are the options for ISTA Lab Recertification?

All ISTA Certified Labs must complete the re-certification process every two years, regardless of whether or not anything has changed in the lab.
There are a couple options for recertification.  Please see page 8 of the Lab Recertification Procedure at the following link  ISTA_LAB_CERTIFICATION_procedure_May2020.pdf    Below is a screen capture for quick reference.

The process for certifying and recertifying your laboratory is easier than ever with our online lab certification portal at ista.org. The portal enables equipment capability information and accompanying videos showing the equipment in use to be entered, reside, and reaffirmed for recertification in one central location.

Members can access the portal by logging into the Member Area (use delegate's company login) and click on the Resources folder.

Watch the following tutorial video to learn more about using the Certification Portal:  https://mms.ista.org/video/individual.php?vid=401717&orgcode=ISTA

Since the Lab Certification Portal is new, we ask that you fill out the online equipment forms.  Once filled out, this information will live on and you will not need to fill them out again in the future.  Moving forward we will ask that you verify the information as well as update calibration dates but again, you won't have to populate the entire form each time as was the process in years past. 

The typical turnaround time is 10-15 business from receipt of the recertification materials. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.