What is APASS and will Amazon accept reports from non-APASS labs?

What is APASS and will Amazon accept reports from non-APASS labs?

Amazon’s Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) is a program that was initiated by, and is led by, Amazon.  Questions regarding the APASS program need to be directed to Amazon at CPEX-lab-trainers@amazon.com  

While there are likely business reasons for joining Amazon’s APASS, it is important to know that Amazon will accept test reports from any ISTA certified lab that is 6-Amazon.com capable.  This is noted in Amazon’s APASS document with the following statement: “You are not obligated to use their services to have your product’s packaging certified.”  (link to document)  The APASS training focuses on personnel and is intended to establish a general understanding of how to conduct the testing protocols as well as how to interact with Amazon’s Vendor Portal.  

Additional information about Amazon, including APASS can be found on Amazon’s website at the following link: click here
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